Splashes of pigment, free brushstrokes and sharing a welcoming space all sum up the latest Autistic Revolution community event.

If you are unfamiliar with Autistic Revolution, we are a new, international digital magazine that is developed exclusively by autistic and otherwise neurodivergent folk. We have created Autistic Revolution to help provide information and build community.

Welcoming Back Cat Regi

We welcomed back Cat Regi of Badibidu to lead us through an anti-perfection water-colouring session. As Cat recalled from a podcast she had listened to, we are wired to pursue versus achieve and therefore the anti-perfection sessions are a time and space to flow with your ideas. We are encouraged to enjoy the process and perhaps be surprised by what we create.

The Session

Our session began with Cat suggesting we simply begin by painting circles. Circles of any size and any colour. And here was the first gentle lesson from Cat. She recognized that starting can be tricky. She guessed that some of us would have minds popping with questions like ‘how big of a circle?’, ‘where on the page does it go?’, or ‘what colour should I begin with?’. We were reminded that there is and will be no right or wrong answer and to just trust ourselves to start. And so, we just let go and had a play.

‘Mess isn’t optional – it’s compulsory.’ Cat Regi

Over the hour, suggestions would be given but we were all encouraged to enjoy seeing what would happen if we mixed colours, had a bit too much water on our brush or even splashed the page. We embraced our creative sides and look at what a gorgeous collection of colour, shape and whimsy was created.

More than Paint

For those who attended, I think they would agree that the anti-perfection sessions are about so much more than the water-colouring. Autistic Revolution is looking to foster supportive, inclusive spaces and Cat helped welcome everyone in. 

This was a mindfulness session where you were welcomed by Cat to ‘learn nothing about painting’, make decisions without consequences and spend time with like-minded people. We enjoyed sharing space and discussing topics like re-learning to enjoy being creative, masking and stimming.

Joining In & Extending Gratitude

You’re welcome to follow this space on my events page and Autistic Revolution to find out when the next community event is.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in and shared that time. Thank you also for the listening and sharing of experiences.

And another thank you to Cat for guiding us through another wonderful session.

Warm regards,

Laura Hellfeld and the Team at Autistic Revolution

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