Creating support through collaboration

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Great minds don't always think (or learn) alike.

Hayley Brackley

Workshops and Webinars

Workshops bring a fantastic time to dive into different topics and provide an opportunity for community members to come together.


I run workshops independently and in collaboration with other educators. I am also hired by different organizations and charities to provide education to their staff or to the people that they support.


Workshops and webinars area always tailored to the audience and resources like workbooks can be made for participants.


I am regularly adding workshop topics and an example list of workshop topics include:


  • Food and eating
  • Sleep
  • Autistic play
  • PDA Profile of Autistics
  • Low-demand strategies
  • Distress Behaviours
  • Puberty
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Family Relationships & Friendships
  • Autistic Burnout
  • Creating Safe Spaces for Autistics


If you are a professional and would like to collaborate on an education event, please contact me below.

You can keep up-to-date with my upcoming education events by following the events section my Facebook page and on Eventbrite.

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Speaking Events

I am grateful to have had opportunities to speak at events about my lived experiences and also about the support that I provide to my community members. 


I am happy to speak in-person, to an online audience or to provide the discussion in a pre-recorded format.


Previous speaking events have included topics such as ARFID, eating traits of Autistics, sleep in neurodivergent young people, being an ally to the Autistic community, sensory considerations for Autistic wellness and discussions of clinical best practices with Autistic clients.


Please feel welcome to email me at to arrange.

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Organisation and Charity Consults

I greatly enjoy the variety of organisations and charities that I work with. 

Previous work has included a variety of supports and educational aspects such as: 


  • Creation of Accessibility section on webpage
  • Accessibility review of organization grounds with suggested improvements
  • Consultations on neuro-affirming language and images for use social media and webpage
  • Creation of communication streams for employee use with Disabled customers to improve customer accessibility and experience


Please contact me below to arrange a discussion about how I can help your organisation. 

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These are your private Q&A sessions. I support identifying individuals, parents, carers and other professionals. During sessions, we discuss your questions and concerns and create action plans for each of these topics. If you would also like to communicate more information with me ahead of time or complete an assessment, this can be arranged. 


I work a variety of days of the week and times and can accommodate time-zone differences. Please contact me below to arrange your consult date and time.


Most done via zoom, In-person can potentially be arrange

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Drop Ins

As a public health worker, I believe in creating options for access to support and education. Sometimes, someone may have a quick follow up question from a workshop and so a private consult may not be the best fit. Also, I understand that private consults are not always financially feasible.


Drop Ins are a great time to come together as a group and work together to go through questions and concerns. We are always able to come up with some ideas and additional sign-posting to help everyone.


You are welcome to follow me on Eventbrite (Laura Hellfeld, Neurodivergent Nurse Consulting) and the events section of my Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the next scheduled drop in. Your place can be secured via Eventbrite.


These may be listed as Virtual (via Zoom) or In-Person

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I see my social media platforms as a way to connect. I want to connect with those who need support and community and therefore provide a space to receive meaningful information. I also want to connect to other self-advocates and educators from marginalized communities. I believe that we can best achieve creating more inclusive support and environments by learning from one another. You will often see me sharing their work and signpost upcoming education by other identifying trainers.


I also enjoy sharing my platform with other self-advocates and professionals through recorded and live chats. We have had conversations about a wide-range of topics that include gender-affirming healthcare, how to advocate for a meaningful IEP ((individual education plan), trialling medications as an ADHDer and what is and how to implement a low-demand lifestyle for your family. Feel welcome to come have a listen and send in your questions. I know I have my notebook on hand to take notes too. There is always so much to learn. 


Working locally in my community is also very important to me. I volunteer time to help create and support inclusive programs at our library. These programs include movie events, education events and lego clubs. I also regularly donate books to our local library system that have a theme of inclusion and supporting marginalized communities.

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Areas I can help support

Food and eating

Sleep icon image - image of a sleeping girl


Autistic Play icon - image of a young boy in a box pretending to be in a spaceship

Autistic Play

PDA Profile of Autistics​ icon - image of a person with a large magnifying glass looking at a profile

PDA Profile of Autistics​

Low demand strategies icon - image of sound reducing headphones

Low-demand strategies

Distress Behaviours icon - image of a man holding his head and appearing stressed out

Distress Behaviours

Puberty Icon - image of a young girl holding her stomach showing signs of period pain


Sensory Experiences Icon - image of three different sensory balls

Sensory Experiences

Family icon - image of a young girl laughing in between her parents

Family Relationships & Friendships

Autistic Burn out image - image of a young woman holding her head looking dizzy and confused

Autistic Burnout

Creating safe spaces icon - image of a man wearing headphones sat in a bubble

Creating Safe Spaces for Autistics

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