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A photo of Laura. Laura is a white woman with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and multi-coloured glasses, wearing a black t-shirt with yellow line-art of swallows flying within a circle, standing in front of a very colourful graffitied wall. She is smiling and looks very happy!

Support of a Neurodivergent person must be in-line with our traits and culture in order to be SAFE, VALID and MEANINGFUL.

Laura Hellfeld

Areas I can help support

Food and eating

Sleep icon image - image of a sleeping girl


Autistic Play icon - image of a young boy in a box pretending to be in a spaceship

Autistic Play

PDA Profile of Autistics​ icon - image of a person with a large magnifying glass looking at a profile

PDA Profile of Autistics​

Low demand strategies icon - image of sound reducing headphones

Low-demand strategies

Distress Behaviours icon - image of a man holding his head and appearing stressed out

Distress Behaviours

Puberty Icon - image of a young girl holding her stomach showing signs of period pain


Sensory Experiences Icon - image of three different sensory balls

Sensory Experiences

Family icon - image of a young girl laughing in between her parents

Family Relationships & Friendships

Autistic Burn out image - image of a young woman holding her head looking dizzy and confused

Autistic Burnout

Creating safe spaces icon - image of a man wearing headphones sat in a bubble

Creating Safe Spaces for Autistics

Upcoming Events

Come together in community and learning

Autistic Revolution Community Event, Watercolour with Cat Regi

Apr 1911:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Autistic Revolution Community Event, Watercolour with Cat Regi

A FREE community event. We are excited to welcome back Cat Regi of Badibidu to guide us through an hour of an anti-perfection water colouring session.

From The Blog

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Same Food as Self Care Webinar Supports Autistic Revolution Magazine

Myself, Scott Neilson and Jenny Loughran invited community members to come together in an attendant-led webinar and to raise funds for Autistic Revolution....

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Creating Safe Spaces for Autistic People

Scott Neilson and I would like to share that we will soon be publishing our booklet ‘Creating Safe Spaces for Autistic People’ to help services be truly...

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Autistic Burnout Network

My friend and colleague, Viv Dawes, has created a network of identifying educators and professionals. We are all committed to increasing the understanding of...

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Neurodivergent Advisory Committee for the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services:

I am within a committee being asked to lend “multidisciplinary lived and credentialed experience around Neurodivergent perspectives to inform and guide...

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Autistic Revolution

A magazine that may be better described as an invitation of community. Autistic Revolution is our free online magazine publication that is Autistic and...

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“Autistic people can only thrive as Autistic people”

Scott Neilson of Autistically Scott

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