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"Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general."

Harvey Blume

I enjoy working with a growing list of organisations.

Please find some of them below:

Autism Learns

The Autism Show offers a broad expanse of  information and direction for those who live or work with autism. However by covering so much content we are unable to delve as deeply into certain subjects as some visitors might need.


Hence we also developed Autism Learns, to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding on key topics, in a conference format, both online and offline.

Autism Learns Logo - the logo is split into three boxes. The first has a black back ground with 'Autism Learns 'in white on top. The second has strips of horizontal colours. And the third has the writing 'Online learning for parents, carers and professionals'.


Autscape is a conference with a difference. Rather than talking to a primarily non-autistic audience about autism, this conference is specifically by and for autistic people. Some of it isn’t even about autism at all! Non-autistic people are also welcome, but the environment and content of the event are centred around autistic people’s needs, interests and sensitivities.

Autscape logo - the words Autscape are written in black. Above there is three swirling lines in orange and black.


Cerebra’s research helps children with brain conditions and their families discover a better life together.

Cerebra Logo - The words Cerebra are ended in a yellow star shooting from the last letter.

Chicago Feeding Group

The Chicago Feeding Group is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting families with children who struggle to eat and professionals who work with children with paediatric feeding disorder. We believe that a responsive approach to feeding therapy is essential and that relationships are at the heart of feeding development.

Chicago Feeding Group logo - the logo has three layers. Chicago is in green on top, the second layer has a large 'Feeding' text in a blue-green colour and the bottom layer has 'Group' in green on the right. On the left of the bottom is a green banner with ' Educate / Support / Connect' in white on top

Little Hiccups

Little Hiccups is a Leeds based support group that has been set up by parents who have children with additional needs and disabilities.


Through personal experience they recognise the importance of allowing the parents and families of a child with an additional need or disability the opportunity to meet people in similar situations, to make friends and support each other.

The PDA Space

The PDA’s mission is to spread awareness of PDA and help families create a calmer more compassionate home to live in.


They want to empower parents to believe in themselves so they can let go of unrealistic expectations on how family life should be and enjoy the reality of life living with PDA.

And a few more!

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