Registered Neurodivergent Professional

My friend and colleague, Viv Dawes, has created a network of identifying educators and professionals. We are all committed to increasing the understanding of burnout, educating others and providing meaningful and compassionate care to those needing support.

Our aim is to create a ‘go to’ place for professionals and individuals to come to find training and support for burnout. With the varied experiences of the identifying professionals involved in this network, we hope to create a high standard of best practice when it comes to supporting our community members.

Link to the Autistic Burnout Network on Viv Dawe’s webpage

Currently there is a petition to urge more professionals like health care workers, school staff and CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to receive training in what is Autistic burnout and how to give affirming care.

Please find link to the petition below and consider signing if you are able.

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