In order to better understand and support PDAers, it takes many people sharing their ideas and experiences. Please find a signposting list below which will grow over time. Happy Learning!

PDA stands for Persistent or Pervasive Drive for Autonomy or Pathological Demand Avoidance.

I’m just getting started and wondering who else to add? There are so many awesome people out there and sometimes I might accidentally miss someone or an organisation off. Who else would you add?

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Thought bubble is blue and coming from Laura 'PDA Signposting'. Cartoon of Laura is from mid waist up. 

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Please note

  • Signposting is in no particular order
  • Please do your own investigation and use your own judgement about a person or organisation. I am not responsible for information shared on the below linked pages.

Riko’s PDA page

No Pressure PDA

Kristy Forbes – Autism & ND Support

PDA Parenting

Laura Hellfeld, ND Nurse Consulting

Sally Cat’s PDA Page

Steph’s Two Girls

Tigger Pritchard: Neuroaffirming Advocate, Consultant and Trainer

Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate


Square Peg; Round Souls – PDA unframed

The PDA Space

Missing The Mark

Dr Naomi Fisher

Neurodiverse Journeys    

The PDA Space

Dr Naomi Fisher

Journeys With PDA 

PDA Australia

Oxford Neurodiversity Education

Jennifer Huffman

A Boy Less Ordinary

Educating PDA

Julia Daunt

Summer Farrelly

Me Just Me


Spectrum Sloth

Raising PDA Kids- Kate Kleinau, OT

PAST – Positive Assessments Support and Training

The Prism Cat: Reflections on Neurodiversity

SmallTalk Speech & Language Therapy, Libby Hill

Jodie Clarke, Children’s Well-being Practitioner & Autism Specialist

Spectrum Space

Peace With PDA

The Connection Collective

Dynamic Parenting

PDA North America – Pathological Demand Avoidance 

PDA in the Panhandle – Autistic & Shameless 

PDA Society 

The Nurture Programme 

Dr. Joanne – Neurodivergent Educational Psychologist

Suzanne Gunn

Suzan Issa

Asher Jenner

Amity Miller

Hannah Harris

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