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Danny Whitty

Communication is a human right and it’s crucial that we learn about communication options and how to support AAC users in advocating for their rights to education, healthcare, relationships, social activities and work. Please find a signposting list below which will grow over time. Happy Learning!

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, which are ways people use to communicate besides talking (verbal speech)

Examples of AAC include

  • Facial expressions
  • Body posture
  • Gestures
  • Manual signs
  • Eye Gaze
  • Aided modes such as with tablets, iPads, communication boards, picture books

Communication is a HUMAN Right

from Scope Charity

A Growing List

I’m just getting started and wondering who else to add? There are so many awesome people out there and sometimes I might accidentally miss someone or an organisation off. Who else would you add?

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Please note

  • Signposting is in no particular order
  • Please do your own investigation and use your own judgement about a person or organisation. I am not responsible for information shared on the below linked pages.


Danny Whitty

Gregory C Tino

Swarit Gopalan

Sabrina Guerra

Ido Gopalan

Niko Boskovic

Ben B, My Own Words

Tiffany, Nigh Functioning Autism

Tiffany Hammond, Fidgets & Fries

Amy Sequenzia

Jeremy’s Vision

Sarah Stup “your friend who types to speak”

Meghan Ashburn, Not an Autism Mom

Jules Edwards, Autistic Typing


Patrick Saunders, The Story Speller

Hat Talks

Tigger Pritchard

Organisations, Groups & Resources

Families & Allies of Nonspeaking Autistic Youth

Weave Chat AAC

Assistive Ware

International Association for Spelling as Communication

Ask Me, I’m an AAC User! (24 hour rule!)

Spellers The Movie

Communication 4 ALL

Communication First

S2C Las Vegas

Autism Level Up!

Leo in Bloom podcast

Neuro Pride Ireland YouTube with AAC videos

Communication for Education

Reach Every Voice

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